Illum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Project: Illum, Copenhagen, Denmark




Project overview

The Illum department store in Copenhagen, Denmark, was founded in 1891 by entrepreneurial visionary Anton Carl Illum. In 1972, a new concrete façade inspired by ‘casemate architecture’ was erected, which still stands today.



The brief

Illum’s internal design team wished to update their washrooms to give shoppers a consistent level of experience throughout their high-end department store.



The solution

The Splash Lab was thrilled to create the hand-washing experience for Illum shoppers and staff in a beautiful store with a rich design heritage. Partnering with Illum, we designed and supplied our Monolith Basin System in Glacier White Corian, which utilised Corian legs with internal steel framework to make it fully self-supporting. IR sensor taps were installed to achieve a matching aesthetic and greater sustainability.